Sink strainer for water recovery

Do you know how much water you could reuse every day?

reco water SPRECO D'ACQUA
reco water SPRECO D'ACQUA

Every day, in our kitchens, we waste water that we could reuse when we clean fruits and vegetables, we drain the pasta or when we rinse the dishes without using detergents or soaps

Save water by using Recò by connecting it to the kitchen sink

Recò is the innovative sink outlet (drain) that allows you to recover the water simply by rotating the cap

Recò è l'innovativo scarico del lavello

By turning the cap you can drain or recover the water

Thanks to Recò you can decide whether to drain the sink water in the sewer or to recover it, all in a simple and intuitive way thanks to the special cap

sistema troppo pieno per la piletta di recupero acqua RECO'

Installing Recò is easy!

Just replace the existing drain with the special Recò drain, you can do it alone or, if you prefer, with the help of a plumber

Choose the right size for your sink

The Recò waste is available in 2 sizes: 70mm and 115mm

How can you reuse the water recovered with Recò?

a) Dripping pipe

You can connect Recò to a dripper to irrigate your garden or your vegetable garden


b) Canister with automatic overflow system

You can collect water in a jerrycan and reuse it to water the plants thanks to the automatic overflow system (accessory) that prevents water from escaping

Tanica con sistema automatico di troppo pieno

c) " Do it yourself"

Or you can adapt it to your needs with any other system you have imagined

Installare Recò è facile!

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